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The first work-life wellbeing platform powered by AI to support women.

At Wellspirit, we believe women deserve direct access to personalised expert support and advice to manage their work-life wellbeing.

"We're not just improving access to workplace wellbeing assistance, we're revolutionising it for every ambitious woman, everywhere."

"Working 70 hours+ a week in a corporate job as a solo Mother in a new city with little family support (& sleep) - I was burning out.  Always a high achiever, it was hard to accept seeing myself go from thriving to surviving. I wanted support, my workplace mentor advised  "a single mum couldn't do my job", so I spent hours searching for the right coach, and mentor which was endlessly frustrating.

Realising I'm not alone in facing this challenge, Wellspirit is the safe space for women to easily find support to navigate work-life wellbeing & career. In addition, improving support for women in the workplace is imperative, so we're partnering with Women Leaders & CEO's  to make the changes we want to see for the next generation of women. 


Philippa Sutherland 
Founder & CEO

Our Founder

Our Mission is to: 

Make the modern workplace more accessible and supportive of ambitious women leaders.

At Wellspirit, we recognise the unique challenges women face throughout their careers and in the workplace.


Our mission is to provide a platform where women can take control of their work-life wellbeing and careers guided by personalised support. We are also the platform that will drive change in the modern workplace, so that no women needs to leave her career or pass on a promotion because of the impact on her wellbeing. 

Whether you identify as a woman, an ally or a changemaker, join our global movement to make the workplace more support of ambitious women leaders. 

Current Reality for Women


feel unsupported by their workplace


women decline promotions, roles or leave their career due to the impact on their personal life. 


of working women experience burnout

Gender Pay Equity & Representation

Only one in tem women believe their workplace is making steps towards greater gender equity. The gap in workplace remuneration in New Zealand is currently 8.6% and higher still for Maori, Pacific and Asian women.  

Office employee
 Young Woman Contemplating

Non-inclusive Workplace behaviour

Over a third of women still experience non-inclusive, inappropriate behaviours or actions.  Only one in ten believe they can make a complaint about a non-inclusive behaviour without it affecting their career.

For too long, women's health issues like menopause, menstruation, miscarriage, infertility,  pregnancy has been stigmatised. Many women still feel unable to take time off or seek support, leaving them to work through pain and suffer. 

The cost of silence

Upset Stomach

For women caregivers, the emotional toll of carrying the mental load of what's going on for those they care for and in the home as well as the guilt of not being physically present for them, is ever present.

The Emotional toll


Women face societal expectations that they will put their children and home life ahead of their career and selves, overlooking the potential of shared household responsibility and career advancement opportunities.

Woman Tutoring Child

Our Solution 

Wellspirit confronts the work-life wellbeing challenges faced by women with an AI-powered work-life wellbeing & career assistant, designed to provide personalised support.


Addressing undiscussed and neglected personal wellbeing symptoms & challenges in the workplace, Wellspirit offers an understanding of women’s work and wellbeing issues.


By leveraging real-user data and narratives, Wellspirit ensures individual wellbeing & workplace concerns are met with personalised guidance and care matched to their needs. This technology stands as an advocate for women, transforming workplace challenges into a supportive, empowering experience.


With Wellspirit, the journey to wellbeing is clearer - a digital ally in navigating the complexities of women's work-life wellbeing.

Womens Work-life Wellbeing Coaches
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