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Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed?

Wellspirit is here to support you. We match you to the right coaches, Mentors, Therapists or resources for you from our large network, so you can re-find your balance and passion for life. 

Signs of Burnout

Often it's difficult to fully acknowledge signs of Burnout as they develop overtime. The World Health Organisation, defines occupational burnout as having three main characteristics:


Depleted energy and exhaustion


Negative feelings, cynicism, and a desire to distance oneself from work


Feeling unable to continue to be professional and effective

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You are not alone.
77% of Working Women believed they experienced Burnout last year* 

In 2023, the Women's Agenda organisation in Australia surveyed 1,100 professional women, where 77% of them reported that they may have experienced burnout. They reported that burnout was their number one hurdle in achieving their ambitions. Juggling demands of work, family, career and health isn't easy. Wellspirit is on a mission to help raise awareness of Burnout and support Women to greater wellbeing. 


Take our 3 minute 
Burnout Scale Quiz  

Find out where you sit on the Burnout Scale and if you need support to end overwhelm, reduce stress, and regain motivation.* 

Reference: Schaufeli, W.B., De Witte, H. & Desart, S. (2019). Burnout Assessment Tool (BAT) –Test Manual. KU Leuven, Belgium: Internal Report

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