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You’ll also gain free access to our platform, where you can explore our network of coaches, counsellors, mentors & peers.

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Our platform streamlines the search process. We make matching and connecting easy. 


We personalise support that's right for you and then give you the flexibility to choose the support you need, when you need it.  

Directly connect, within minutes

Flexible access to a wide-range of wellness coaches, counsellors and mentors to meet your work-life balance & wellbeing needs.

Browse and connect within minutes, then  connect for your 1:1 sessions and catch ups by phone, zoom, text message or in person. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Wellspirit membership for?
    Ambitious working women who are seeking support to juggle work and life wellbeing. We know the juggle is real and it really takes a village of support to help you navigate career, leadership and family all at once. It might be that you are facing into chronic fatigue and need support to bring you back to a state of balance, or you might have experienced an incident in the workplace where you feel unable to speak to your manager or HR but you need guidance or you may just be feeling stuck in your job and need inspiration and support to take the next step. Browse and connect with industry peers, growth mentors, mindset coaches, career counsellors and find discussion topic groups where you can instantly seek and find answers and support. We understand that for you to succeed, you need a whole village of support around you.
  • What is Wellspirt and what is included in the subscription?
    Wellspirit is the personalised, all-in-one app for women's work-life wellbeing and provides an extensive network of wellness coaches, counsellors, mentors and library of live events. On Wellspirit, you can instantly be connected to coaches, counsellors, support groups, mentors in just minutes based on your unique needs and prefersnces. Our coaches also host free free Live talks and classes. With the Wellspirit subscription, you receive unlimited access to your highly personalized work-life wellbeing support programme and network of women.
  • Why should I choose Wellspirit over others?
    Traditional workplace employee assistance chosen by employers provide one-size-fits-all services and content. Wellspirit partners with womens focused top coaches & therapists worldwide to provide you with an unparalleled work-life mental and emotional wellbeing network, community and content platform. Wellspirit then leverages AI to provide highly personalized recommendations to you and learns what works for you every week. Wellspirit is the one platform you need to transform your work-life well-being and life.
  • How does Wellspirit personalise for me?
    Wellspirit leverages hundreds of live session content and discussion groups and billions of data points from Wellspirit to understand which groups, coaches and live sessions you’d love and find the most helpful. Wellspirit is the leader in leveraging machine learning & AI for mental & emotional work-life wellbeing.
  • Can I try for free?
    Yes. You can try Wellspirit for free for your first month and then cancel anytime before the date of automatic renewal for your first paid month which costs AUD$4.99 per month.
  • How do I cancel?
    Monthly memberships: You can cancel your montly Wellspirit subscription anytime from our web platform. To do so, please log-in to your profile, press the Menu button, and find Contact Us > I want to cancel my subscription. Follow the steps to cancel immediately. This will then deactivate your profile at the end of the billing period. We also offer the option to 'pause' your membership for up to 3 months in a calendar year, which will retain your current membership price. Please contact us and we'll happily assist Annual memberships: If you choose to pay annually, you agree to a 12-month minimum commitment in advance. At the end of this billing cycle your membership will automatically renew for the same period of time, unless cancelled. If you wish to cancel, simply email or visit the Account section of your membership and choose 'cancel membership'. You will still be able to access the platform until the end of your current billing cycle. Please note, members who cancel and wish to re-join later will have to pay the current membership price, which may be more expensive.
  • How do I become a Wellspirit Partner?
    To see if you are a fit to partner with Wellspirit and have your services featured on your website and to become a Wellspirit 'expert' where you can help our community, you need to complete our Partner Application Form. Just go to "Become a Partner" on our website header menu for more detials.
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