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Wellspirit Mentor Circle 

It's so great to have you be part of our Wellspirit Mentor Circle. Discover a diverse range of inspirational women (yes, thats you too!) spanning industries, levels, professions and backgrounds.  


You have the freedom of choosing your mentors for the month. The mentors in our circle come from across Australia and New Zealand so you can enjoy a variety of experience, perspectives, skills and backgrounds. Choose to be mentored by the same mentors or a different mentor every month. 

How it works 

1. Set up Your Profile

Tell us about your unique background, experiences, skills and how you can help mentor others. 

Are you ready (5).png
Are you ready (5).png

2. Discover and choose your monthly mentor

Choose your mentor for the month based on your needs and preferences for what you would like support with whether that's work, career, wellbeing or relationships. 

3. Book your monthly mentoring hour

Click Book Mentor Hour and provide dates and times you are availabel over the next weeks as well as the key areas you would like help with and mentored on. 

Are you ready (5).png
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