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If you're an experienced and trusted Women's Wellbeing or Career Expert who cares deeply about supporting women in their lives and careers and who wants to share, teach, advise and grow your business, we're here for you. 

Hi, I'm Philippa the Founder & Creator of Wellspirit and I'm dedicated to empowering women to greater wellbeing & success. 

Wellspirit started off as an idea in the midst of a challenging life transition. Solo Mum, new city, working 70 hours+ a week and feeling so much guilt. Always a higher achiever, it was hard to accept seeing myself go into a spiral of overwhelm, survival and ultimately burnout. But what frustrated me, was not being able to  find the right help when I needed it most - the right coaches or mentors that I felt I could trust or spoke to me. 

I soon discovered after sharing my experience that too  many women had experienced the same. From that point, I knew there was a purpose for me to help bring women together and equip then with the right network, resources and tools to help support their wellbeing and enable them to flourish in their careers. So, if you are equally passionate about lifting up and empowering women and are a knowledgable, licensed and highly experienced Wellbeing or Career/HR expert, I would love to chat with you. 

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Perfect for Wellbeing and HR Experts looking to support women in our community and offer 1:1 services to our members.

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