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Feel supported, every day.

Join hundreds of women finding connection, community

and support to successfully navigate career & wellbeing.

Feeling stuck
&  don't know where to begin?

A safe space for aspiring women leaders to  

find support to navigate career & wellbeing. 

A community ready to listen, share knowledge & offer valuable advice.  

Connect, meet and be supported by aspiring female leaders navigating similar stages of career & wellbeing topics: 

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Take our Quiz to see how we can match you to the right support for your career & wellbeing journey.



Discover & connect online with women experiencing a similar stage at work or wellbeing. 

Join groups and find communities with common interests, ask questions & get advice.  

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Mentor Circle

1:1 Services

Explore our circle of inspiring mentors sharing knowledge & guidance 1:1 to help you find your true potential.

Book 1:1 sessions with coaches, counsellors, therapists or career advisors for personalised in-depth support and help. 

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Finding the support to really help me with burnout - a community and advice that I knew I could trust made all the difference on making the changes I needed to in my life."

Mursal. Melbourne, Aus

A large community of world-class women's wellbeing coaches & therapists.

Wellspirit is home to vetted coaches & therapists covering topics from sleep, anxiety, burnout, menopause to trauma. Find their advice in our groups or receive 1-1 coaching sessions directly.

We're re-imagining workplace support for women, where no women has to navigate career & her wellbeing alone. 

Over 1/3 of Working Women in 2023* experienced poor mental health as they struggled to juggle work, family, motherhood and health. We've experienced it, our friends and colleagues too. That's why we are committed to empowering women and inspiring change.

*Deloitte - Annual Women at Work Survey 2023

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