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Join us as an Expert

Are you an experienced, certified Women's Wellbeing, Leadership or Career Expert who cares deeply about women's work-life wellbeing and helping more women?

We're here to help you do more of what you love.

How it works 

Create a Personalised

Tailor your profile to uniquely showcase your services.

24/7 access to update and edit your profile to reflect your services and calendar availability.

Connect effortlessly

Create a personalised video for a captivating introduction.

Effortlessly connect with clients directly through our messaging feature.

Seamlessly integrate with your booking system for streamlined scheduling.

Become a Wellspirit Expert 

Sign up now for FREE access to our early stage platform. 

Currently, we are onboarding our first group of wellbeing, career, exec & leadership coaches, counsellors, employement lawyers, therapists and mentors to join our network.


We're excited to help you connect with ambitious professional women seeking support, effortlessly.

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